Finding Drug Rehab Help in Arkansas

In Arkansas, illegal drug use and alcohol dependence are greatly affecting young people at an increasingly early age. The mean age of children trying marijuana, alcohol, or abusing prescription drugs in Arkansas is about 13 years old. Finding the right treatment center for an alcohol or drug addiction problem in Arkansas is key for anyone’s recovery.

In Arkansas, just over 9% of all young people aged 12-17 years used illicit substances within one month of being surveyed. This is slightly lower than the national average, which is just under 10%.

People aged 12 and up with alcohol dependence issues receive treatment only 12% of the time; people of a similar age group with an illicit drug dependence receive treatment 21% of the time.

Arkansas Rehab Admissions Information

Publicly funded educational services in Arkansas teach children the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse as a preventative measure, but there are also a number of adolescent substance abuse treatment centers, for young people with dependency issues.

The majority of people enrolled in rehabilitation services in Arkansas are dependent on alcohol or marijuana, but the use of cocaine, methamphetamines, and opiates has been on the rise for the past 10 years.
Public drug and alcohol rehabilitation services are run by Community Mental Health Centers, along with many other mental health services. These centers are run by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Although public treatment is offered in Arkansas, most people find that private rehabilitation centers provide a more comprehensive service, and a higher rate of success.

People seeking rehabilitation would benefit from the help of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation referral service. Because rehabilitation is such an individualized process, there are many factors to consider when choosing a service. It is extremely important to find a service that fits well with an individual in order for them to have a higher chance at success.

Arkansas has over 40 drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that are privately run and can either bill through insurance or bill privately. Most private facilities also offer outpatient services with some offering residential care for patients.

Arkansas residents with drug or alcohol dependency issues are strongly encouraged to seek help from either public or private facilities. Many addictions in Arkansas are left untreated and can cause more serious problems both in the immediate future, and in the long term.

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