Drug Rehab Centers in California

Those struggling with alcohol or illicit drug addiction in California typically start as early as the age of 13 years old. Addiction among youths in California is becoming a serious problem as over 11% of individuals surveyed between the ages of 12 and 17 years admitted to using illegal drugs within the past month. These early formed habits tend to be the most difficult to overcome for those seeking help because they are so much more established than those formed later in life.

The most popular drug of choice mentioned by those enrolled in treatment centers in California is methamphetamines which has recently surpassed alcohol in popularity over the past few years. Just under 50% of patients cite methamphetamine use as one of their reasons for seeking treatment. Alcohol is the second most mentioned drug, followed by marijuana at about 35%, and cocaine and heroin which were mentioned about 20% of the time.

Addiction Treatment in California

Californians seeking help with addiction or those seeking help on behalf of a friend or loved one should make their best effort to enroll in treatment as soon as possible. In California, roughly 88% of people who are dependent on illegal drugs do not receive the treatment they need. This is an alarming amount as it shows that the vast majority of people in need of help with their dependency issues do not receive the help that they need. Many times, those needing help are not willing or able to seek help on their own and require the help of those around them.

California has over 1800 choices of rehabilitation facilities that have all been certified by California’s state government; this number has been on the rise over the past few years and is expected to continue on this trajectory. Most of these facilities offer a form of care other than on site care. Live-in care such as outpatient, or residential care is often available.

With as many choices as California has, it is highly recommended that anyone seeking drug or alcohol rehabilitation services contact a third party that can advise them. Rehabilitation is a very individualized process with numerous amounts of variables to consider. It would be very easy to make an uninformed decision that could end up wasting time, effort, and money.

California Behavioral Health Resource – Substance Abuse Agency

CA Department of Health Care Services Substance Use Disorder Services
1501 Capitol Avenue, MS 4000
PO Box 997413
Sacramento, CA 95899
Phone Number: (916)-322-7012
Fax Number: (916)-323-1270
Web Site: https://www.dhcs.ca.gov/services/Pages/MHSUDS.aspx

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