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Illicit drug use in Delaware is almost exactly the same as the average drug use in the rest of the country. Roughly 3% of all Delaware residents over the age of 12 have dependency issues with illegal drugs; the rate for the rest of the country is about 2.7%. Delaware’s drug use rates for young people, though, is significantly higher than that of the rest of the country. Those aged between 12 and 17 abuse illicit drugs about 12% of the time as opposed to roughly 10% elsewhere.

Marijuana and opiates are the most popular primary drugs used by abusers; between 25% and 30% list one of those two as their most frequently used substance. About 20% cite heroin, and less than 5% of Delaware residents struggle with cocaine or methamphetamines.

Delaware Drug Rehab Admissions

In Delaware, the majority of those struggling with drug and or alcohol dependence do not receive the treatment they need for recovery. People addicted to illicit drugs do not get the rehabilitation services they need about 80% of the time. Perhaps even more concerning is the number of alcohol abusers that do not receive treatment; about 96% of people who are dependent on alcohol never receive treatment for their abuse.

Delaware has 73 different rehabilitation facilities from which to choose. Delaware has facilities that are both publicly funded and operated, and privately funded and operated. Most facilities can bill through insurance, but private payment is also an option for those wishing to go that route. There is also a wide range of services available. Most often, patients in rehabilitation facilities will live on site for a time while they recover, but outpatient and residential services are also widely utilized methods of treatment.

For people struggling with drug or alcohol dependence, it is highly recommended to seek out the help of a professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Recovery from substance abuse is a very individualized process, many people find that the use of a rehabilitation referral service is very helpful. It is important to consider all relevant factors in choosing a facility in order to give the prospective patient the best chance at recovery.

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