Drug Rehab Programs in Hawaii

The most frequently abused illicit drug in Hawaii is marijuana with over 45% of drug rehabilitation enrollees listing it as their primary substance of use. Another 40% of rehabilitation patients cite various stimulants as their most frequently abused drug. The proportion of stimulant users to all drug users is significantly higher in Hawaii than in most other states in the country. The other 15% of drug users in recovery in Hawaii say that either cocaine, heroin, other opiates, or tranquilizers are their biggest drug problem.

Drug use in Hawaii has been declining, and is slightly lower than the national average. About 2% of Hawaiians have dependency issues with illicit drugs; this is compared with the national average of just under 3%. The rate of drug abuse among youths in Hawaii, however, has been steadily increasing and is above the national average by about 2.5%. Among those surveyed, 12.5% of Hawaiians between the ages of 12 and 17 have dependency issues with illicit drugs. The national average for this age group is just under 10%.

Hawaii Treatment Center Admissions

Hawaiian citizens seeking recovery treatment for their addictions to illicit drugs receive the help they need less than 15% of the time, leaving 85% of substance abusers untreated.

Hawaii’s rate of alcohol dependence is also above the national average by about 2%. Among those surveyed, just under 9% of Hawaii residents struggle with addiction to alcohol; the national average is just under 7%.

Those struggling with alcoholism in Hawaii enroll in rehabilitation services at an even lower rate than those struggling with illicit drug addiction. About 93% of Hawaiians needing the help of a rehabilitation facility do not find assistance, while the other 7% successfully enroll in a recovery program.

Hawaii has over 100 different drug and/or alcohol recovery facilities from which to choose. The vast majority of those facilities are privately run, but there is a small number of public services. These facilities offer a variety of services for recovery ranging from the traditional live-in form of care, to outpatient services. It is highly recommended that anyone seeking help for their addiction, or seeking help on behalf of someone else, employ the help of a rehabilitation referral service. These services can help to make an informed, unbiased decision regarding treatment facilities, and can greatly increase the chances of recovery.

Hawaii Behavioral Health Resources

Hawaii Department of Health, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division
601 Kamokila Boulevard
Room 360
Kapolei, HI 96707
Phone Number: (808)-692-7506
Fax Number: (808)-692-7521
Web Site: https://health.hawaii.gov/substance-abuse/

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