What Rehabs Take Magellan Insurance?

For those suffering from a drug or alcohol problem, or family members of a drug or alcohol addict can rely on Magellan Behavioral Health insurance to help them navigate treatment. This can be an extremely confusing and scary time and it helps to have an insurance company that will stand behind you.

Mental health and substance abuse are quite common problems in the United States. To ensure that people who need treatment for these types of problems get proper help, Magellan Behavioral Health has created relationships with a network of treatment centers around the country. While sometimes people are hesitant to enroll in treatment, lack of insurance or lack of benefits should not be the reason, as there are more people than ever who have access to rehab programs because of their plans.

What Type of Magellan Policy Do You Have?

There are generally three types of policies, which are:

PPO – This top tier plan includes coverage for providers that are in network as well as out of network facilities, although there are often restrictions or special circumstances involved as well.

HMO – These plans have coverage only with providers that are in network with Magellan, but that also helps pass on savings to you in terms of lower deductibles, co-pays and out of pocket maximum amounts.

EPO – These policies are primarily for facilities that are in network, although they may have out of network coverage in areas where there are no other local providers. An EPO is somewhat in between a PPO and an HMO in total benefits.

Contact us today to speak with a treatment consultant who can help you understand more about how rehab centers work with insurance policies and to find a program that accepts your Magellan health plan. We can usually locate additional centers that would be more preferable than the list of providers that the carrier offers.

The changes in healthcare and insurance regulations have created an opportunity for more people to get the life-saving help they desperately need. It is time to take advantage of those benefits and find quality treatment.