Long term support systems are a vital part of a successful recovery plan for most people. This support an come in many ways, and one of the most common is through support group meetings. It is important to find meetings that aren’t just convenient for you in terms of time or location, but that feel like a good fit.

What Types of Meetings Should I Attend?

Perhaps the first step in determining what types of meetings you should attend is to learn about them from information online, though recovery forums, from other people you know in recovery, etc. Find out of the messages and philosophies resonate with you and seem like they would be helpful. Today there are more types of meetings available than ever before. There are a variety of 12-step based meetings (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous & more) as well as those based on other platforms such as SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Rational Recovery, Secular Organizations for Sobriety, Moderation Management, and others.

If you choose to attend one or more 12 step meetings per week, then take some time to try out different days and times to see which groups seem to fit your needs the best, and remember not to get turned off by meetings as a whole if the first few don’t seem like your place.

If you choose one of the other types of support groups meetings, there are less of them, so the platform or philosophy may have to be enough to keep your interest if there aren’t additional days, times or locations available. Now there are also online support groups, though, so being able to have a video chat room where people can digitally meet and support each other has been a great substitute for a lot of people.

Helping Others in Recovery

One of the best parts about support group meetings is that while you are able to find the fellowship and support you’re seeking, you’re also able to help others in their journey. Whether you become a sponsor for someone or are there to lend an ear or potentially provide some advice and share some helpful resources, the giving back is also part of what makes meetings successful.