At times this question comes up, especially among people who are frustrated when their loved ones have been in and out of multiple different programs. Another way to look at this, however, is how much is a life worth?

If there was another life threatening condition that your loved one was battling, there wouldn’t be a second guess if they needed to continue to go to the hospital or doctor’s office for treatments, even if they add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The problem is, there are so many individual factors when it comes to substance use and addiction that it can be hard to identify which parts are which, and even more difficult trying to match up a rehab program that fits those individual needs.

We believe the answer is of course yes, rehab is definitely worth it, and it may take several attempts at treatment before long term recovery is achieved. The key is really trying to find a rehab center that seems to fit the need.

How do I know if I’ve found the right place?

You’ll have to trust your gut instinct here. Do your research, get referrals, visit the facility ahead of time, if possible. Ask for alumni references. Find out what their aftercare programs consist of. Ask about the therapies used and philosophical approaches. Do they match up with your own? Do they sound like they will be able to adequately address your needs?

While there may be very few perfect scenarios out there, if most of the boxes are checked, and you have adequate insurance coverage and/or it is reasonably priced, and you generally feel good about the decision, then go with it. It is better to take action in this situation than doing nothing.

A good program will help change a person forever to some degree, even if they require additional treatment in the future. It may take a compounding effect of multiple programs, time and circumstances to ultimately reach the end goal of stable, long term recovery.

But when that goal is met, it is most definitely worth all the time, money and effort of getting there.