Among the different ways of covering the cost of rehab programs and treatment centers, there are financing options for people as well. These are often great for people who don’t have the funds immediately available, but are employed and can make monthly payments. Resources like these are helpful for family members who are seeking other options.

Addiction Treatment Financing – This is a personal loan resource that can be used for anything, from the cost of treatment, to sober living and even to cover personal expenses while in treatment. There are multiple payment options available and funding can be received in as little as 24 hours.

My Treatment Lender – This is a service that works with specific programs that are signed up with them, which you can find in their directory. It is also a personal loan, but designated for medical expenses, and it has a co-signer option for additional qualifying assistance.

M-Lend Financial – This service primarily helps people get specific types of credit cards for healthcare expenses. Applications are done easily online and the cards or funds are usually received within 7 days.

Lightstream – Medical financing through Lightstream is more of a typical personal loan process. It is a division of Truist Bank (merger of SunTrust and BB&T) and has many options for various levels of credit.

Prosper – Offers personal loans similar to some other services with varying terms and amounts and can be used for anything.

We are likely missing some, and if we find more we will surely add them to this list.

In addition to lending institutions, some people request help from their friends and family members through crowd sourced funding, such as GoFundMe and