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Florida’s drug and alcohol use statistics have been under the national average since 2008. The average rate of drug use among young people, ages 12 to 17, in the rest of the country is around 10% while Florida’s rate is just under 9%. Alcohol dependence is similarly lower in Florida than the rest of the country for a similar age group. On average roughly 6.5% of Florida residents struggle with alcohol use while just over 7% of the rest of the country have trouble with alcohol. Florida’s dependency statistics move much closer to the national average for those outside this age group at close to 3%.

Rehab Admissions in Florida

Marijuana is the most abused illicit substance in Florida by a large margin. Marijuana was listed as a primary drug of choice more often than any other drug by patients admitted to rehabilitation facilities. Opiates and/or cocaine were cited by about half of the patients admitted into treatment facilities in the years surveyed. The most popular substance abused in Florida though, much like most other states, is alcohol.

Those in need of treatment for alcohol use received the necessary help about 10% of the time in Florida. Florida residents that are dependent on illicit drugs enroll in treatment services only 15% of the time. These low rates of enrollment indicate a very high unmet need for drug and alcohol treatment in Florida. It is highly recommended for anyone struggling with drug or alcohol use to seek out the help of a rehabilitation facility.

There are over 300 different recovery facilities in Florida for those in need of care. Most of Florida’s rehabilitation centers are privately owned and operated, but there are several publicly run facilities from which to choose as well. There are many different options for those seeking help with drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Because recovery from substance abuse is often a very delicate process, it is also highly recommended that anyone seeking treatment for themselves or on behalf of someone else employ the help of a rehabilitation referral service. These services can recommend specific facilities or methods of care that would best suit the patient in question. Most of Florida’s facilities also offer outpatient or residential care in addition to the standard live-in care.

Recovery Residences in Florida

The Florida Certification Board has initiated a new credential for Recovery Residence Administrators. The public can search the Florida Certification Board’s credential database to determine if a specific Recovery Residence Administrator is certified or is in the process of becoming certified. A list of all persons certified as Recovery Residence Administrators can also be obtained by searching in the Certification Fields section using “Certification Type: Addiction” and “Classification: Recovery Residence Administrator.”

Florida Behavioral Health Resources – Substance Abuse

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