Drug Rehab Programs in Georgia

Finding the right addiction treatment program for someone from Georgia isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do, but we’re here to help. Not only do we have a comprehensive listing of drug and alcohol rehab centers throughout the state, but we also have treatment consultants standing by to assist you in a more personalized way.

Although Georgia isn’t among the states with the highest substance abuse rates, due to its continual growth there are many tens of thousands of people needed help for drug and alcohol use disorders.

Georgia Substance Abuse Statistics

Drug use in Georgia has been steadily increasing over the past few years; although the average rate of dependency among residents is still slightly below the national average. About 2% of people living in Georgia struggle with illicit drug use compared to about 2.5% for the rest of the country. Rates of alcohol dependency in Georgia, as well as in the rest of the country, have been falling for the past six years. Roughly 5.5% of people in Georgia abuse alcohol which is 1% lower than the national average.

Substance dependency among young people in Georgia is significantly higher than any other age group in the state. About 9% of Georgia residents between the ages of 12 and 17 struggle with illicit drug use, and that figure has been increasing just as it has for other demographics in the state.

Of those surveyed in Georgia’s rehabilitation facilities, almost 40% cited cocaine as their primary drug of use. Over 20% listen marijuana as their primary reason for rehabilitation. Stimulants are the third most popular substance abused in Georgia, with patients mentioning stimulants just under 20% of the time. There is also a significant portion of recovery center enrollees mentioning heroin and other opiates as their biggest problem.

Treatment statistics for people in Georgia struggling with alcohol or drug addiction are among the worst in the nation. On average about 6% of people living in Georgia in need of a rehabilitation service to help them recover from illicit drug addiction will find and enroll in a program. Those struggling with alcohol use and dependency find proper rehabilitation only 2.5% of the time.

Georgia has over 130 rehabilitation facility options for those seeking help with drug and alcohol recovery. Many of the facilities in the state are privately owned and operated but there are also many public options. The most often used type of care is live-in care but the majority of facilities also offer residential or outpatient services. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a rehabilitation service in which to enroll including what type of substances the prospective patient is struggling with, and what type of service will best suit them.

Georgia Rehab Centers by City

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