Drug Rehab Programs in Idaho

Drug use in Idaho is, on average, very similar to the national rate at just under 3% of the population. The highest concentration of drug users are between the ages of 12 and 17; the rate of addiction among this group is about 10% for both Idaho and the rest of the country. Alcohol dependence is similarly prevalent in Idaho as it is in the country, about 6.5% of people struggle with dependence on alcohol.

The most popular drug abused by those surveyed in Idaho’s treatment centers is marijuana. About 45% of patients in rehabilitation programs list marijuana as their primary drug used. Various stimulants are the second most popular drug abused in Idaho at about 37%. Heroin and other opiates were mentioned just over 10% of the time, and cocaine was listed by respondents at a rate of under 5%.

Idaho Treatment Admissions

In Idaho, there are 96 different facilities offering treatment programs for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The vast majority of these facilities are privately owned and operated, but there are publicly funded options in Idaho that are run by the local, state, or federal government. 56 of the 96 rehabilitation centers in the state offer recovery programs in conjunction with mental health services. For those looking for a facility that offers exclusively help with drug or alcohol recovery, there are 40 different centers in Idaho.

Heavy alcohol use is treated at a rate of only about 3% in Idaho, leaving 97% of people who are dependent on alcohol untreated. On average, enrollment for drug addiction is similarly low in Idaho. Only about 8% of people in the state who struggle with illicit drug addictions are treated for recovery.

It is highly recommended that anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol, or anyone concerned about a loved one’s dependency issues seek the immediate help of a rehabilitation facility. There are many options to choose from in Idaho, and it is very important to consider all relevant factors when choosing a facility. Many people find that the help of a rehabilitation referral service is very useful in deciding which center to choose.

Idaho Behavioral Health Resources

Idaho Division of Behavioral Health
450 West State Street
3rd Floor
Boise, ID 83702-0036
Phone Number: (208)-334-6997
Fax Number: (208)-334-6699
Web Site: https://healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/Medical/SubstanceUseDisorders/tabid/105/Default.aspx

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