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The average illicit drug use in Nebraska has remained below the national average for the past several years. Less than 2.5% of Nebraska residents struggle with addiction to illegal drugs, the national average is about 3%. The largest concentration of drug users are between the ages of 12 and 17 in both Nebraska and the rest of the country. In the U.S. about 10% of the population of young people are addicted to drugs. Nebraska’s average for this age group is slightly above 8%, and has been lower than the national average for the past six years.

Although Nebraska’s residents struggle with drugs less than the rest of the country, the state’s rate of alcohol addiction is over that of the rest of the country. About 7% of Nebraska’s residents admit to being dependent on alcohol; the rate for the country is about 6.5%.

Nebraska Treatment Admissions

Among those enrolled in rehabilitation programs in Nebraska, 34% said that stimulants are their biggest drug problem, and their primary reason for seeking treatment. Marijuana was the second most often mentioned drug with 32% of respondents citing its use. Cocaine was listed as a primary drug for 6% of patients in recovery. Prescription drug addiction was the biggest reason for treatment for another 5% of enrollees.

In Nebraska, only about 8.5% of people who struggle with illicit drug addiction receive treatment from a rehabilitation facility. The numbers are even smaller for people in the state who are dependent on alcohol. Less than 1% of Nebraska’s residents who admit to heavy alcohol use and dependence enroll in a recovery program. It is strongly recommended that anyone in Nebraska that is struggling with addiction enroll in a rehabilitation program in order to overcome their dependence.

In Nebraska there are 107 facilities offering treatment for recovery from illicit drugs or alcohol. Most of the centers are privately owned and operated, but there are also public options for people wanting to go that route. Oftentimes, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs will be offered in the same facility as other mental health services; 62 of the 107 locations in Nebraska operate this way. The other 45 facilities in the state are exclusively for people seeking help with addiction recovery.

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