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Drug use in South Carolina is about the same as the average for the rest of the country. In the state, just under 3% of residents struggle with addiction; this is the same as the rate for the United States. The largest portion of people who are dependent on illicit substances are between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. In the country, just under 10% of this age group admit to drug abuse. In South Carolina drug abuse among 12 to 17 year olds is slightly lower at about 8.5% but it has been increasing over the past six years. Alcoholism is also lower in South Carolina than it is in the rest of the country, about 6% of the state’s residents are addicted to alcohol as opposed to 6.5% countrywide.

Marijuana is by far the most popular illicit substance abused in South Carolina. Among those in recovery in the state’s rehabilitation facilities 54% say that marijuana is their primary reason for seeking recovery. Prescription pain-killers and cocaine are the second most frequently cited substances in treatment centers making up about 18% of responses each. Stimulants make up another 5% of drugs mentioned by the state’s rehabilitation patients.

South Carolina Recovery Resources

The goal of long-term recovery isn’t just sobriety, but a quality of life that is significantly improved and sustainable. Therefore, treatment alone is rarely enough, as a few weeks or months are often not enough to produce the lasting change that is required for people who had more serious addictions. Thankfully, there are more resources than ever to help people in South Carolina on their recovery journey to continue to improve their stability and quality of life. Some resources include sponsors, support group meetings, recovery coaches, licensed therapists, church leaders, employee assistance programs, relapse prevention groups, peer support specialists, and more.

Treatment Admissions in South Carolina

In South Carolina, only about 12% of residents that struggle with addiction ever receive treatment they need to recover. Rates of enrollment in rehabilitation programs are even lower for those residents who are addicted to alcohol. Just over 1% of reported heavy alcohol abusers receive treatment for their alcoholism. It is highly recommended that anyone in South Carolina that is struggling with addiction find the immediate assistance of a rehabilitation facility.

In the state, there are 95 different locations offering drug and alcohol rehabilitation services that can help to overcome addictions. Most of the facilities in the state are privately owned and operated, but there are also several publicly funded options as well. Among the patients in treatment for addiction, 44% are in recovery for drug abuse, 22% for alcohol abuse, and 34% for both drug and alcohol abuse. Finding the right treatment facility can be a very difficult process, many people find it helpful to contact a rehabilitation program referral service in order to find the best program for an individual.

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